Scissors’ Sisters is a series of three pitchers; 25cl, 50cl, and 100cl in molded glass. Scissors’ Sisters takes a close look at traditional blow molding, and highlights one step in particular. By interrupting the process and introducing an unusual cut at the edge of the glass, a spout is generated. The liquid is magnified as it is being poured, leaving behind a single drop that traces the length of the pitcher. Time stops for just a moment, and we can picture around us the dimmed lighting and stained wooden tabletops of a traditional pub. Then the drop falls, and we can but admire this pitcher’s unique identity.

materials; blown glass.
dimensions; 1 L. L 10 x H 25 x W 10 cm | 50 Cl. L 8 x H 18 x W 8 cm | 25 Cl. L 5 x H 11 x W 5 cm
delivered under 2 weeks
For professional orders please contact us for details.