key cabinet; plastic (PP), plywood. 25 x 40 x 18 cm


Sesame is a key cabinet; a refurbished and repurposed ticket validator. As he speaks the last word, the walls of the cave move apart and a forceful wind from inside throws itself onto him. Once hidden from the eyes of all those who passed by it daily, the interior of the ticket validator reveals itself today just as the cave opened for Ali Baba. Inside are our most precious thoughts and possessions. Safely stored away, the loss of a key, a memory, even a secret is inconceivable. All we need is a simple magic phrase: « Open Sesame! ». This project was produced in collaboration with Stib/Mivb, Recy-K, MAD Brussels Fashion and Design Platform and L'Ouvroir (an adapted work enterprise).

© Photo Credit Miko/Miko Studio

Handymade in Brussels

city bag; plastic (PVC). 30 x 50 x 10 cm