table; powder-coated steel, aluminium composite. 65, 75, 195 x 65, 75, 65 x 75 cm


Aequus is a table composed of an adjustable, powder-coated steel structure and a tabletop, veneered with an aluminium composite. The individually adjustable legs make sure the tabletop will always stay parallel to the floor and that it keeps its feet on the ground. By turning two bolted handles on the side, the legs easily loosen and tighten. Any kind of unstable rocking is rendered out of existence, ensuring a stable experience. As Aequus’ legs get positioned at different hights, the table comes to life and exudes a playful energy that does away with the fixed structures of the conventional table. Refusing to be rendered unusable by the uneven surfaces it might reside, Aequus is able to keep its head level and its feet on the ground.

Status / available upon request

© Photo Credit Jordi Coppers


table; powder coated steel. 180 x 75 x 80 cm