table; powder-coated steel, oak-veneered medium, rubber. 60 x 120 x 75 cm


Comet is a table, comprised of an oak-veneered medium tabletop, surrounded by a rubber frame and a foldable, powder-coated steel structure. By folding the steel structure, Comet becomes an easily transportable table that flatpacks into a volume that can be carried around. The rubber frame acts as a bumper for any obstacles and ensures that the tables trajectory remains one avoiding collisions. As moving from place to place has become a reality for many people, our furniture should adapt in the same way as we do. By being easily foldable and transportable, Comet becomes more than the static table we have gotten used to and can reside a range of homes during its lifetime.

Status / available upon request

© Photo Credit Joan Calvet


table; powder coated steel. 180 x 75 x 80 cm